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About Our School

St. Michael School is a PreK to Grade 9 school dedicated to working in partnership with the home, church and community to create a safe and secure environment. We are student centered; therefore, students come first.

Our school culture is responsive to the varied social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs of our students so that we may better prepare them for the challenges of high school and beyond.

We foster a friendly learning environment which encourages students to achieve, take risks, ask questions, learn from mistakes, and improve their knowledge, abilities and self-confidence.

The spirit of a school and the motivation for success lies within the personal relationships, care, and respect shared among students, school staff, and parents.

We are so fortunate to have the support and care of our collective parents and the generous support and hard work of our School Community Council (Parent Council).

Jesus’ message of unconditional love remains the basis of our faith.  Whatever the challenge we face at St. Michael School we need only ask: What would Jesus do?